About GKF

Gujarat Kidney Foundation (GKF) is a group of renowned nephrologists practicing with the motto "UNITED WE HEAL" using the following principles.

  1. Patientís interest is paramount.
  2. Committed to providing the highest quality of personalized care that is sustained by medical education of excellent standards.
  3. Add substantial years of quality life to our patients and also to people in general by promoting preventive nephrology.
  4. Improve health by offering accessible, seamless, comprehensive and appropriate patient centered nephrology information that will be advanced through continuous learning and relevant research.
GKF is first-of-its-kind private nephrology foundation in India headed by Dr. Pravina Shah. She pioneered the dialysis procedure in Gujarat. GKF team includes Dr. Himanshu Patel, Dr. Jagdeep Shah, Dr. Prakash Darji, Dr. Sonal Dalal, Dr. Devang Patwari and Dr. Haresh Patel.

GKF provides comprehensive health care for patients with different types of renal (kidney) diseases - acute and chronic renal diseases and renal problems due to diabetes mellitus, hypertension, stone disease, infections, hereditary illnesses and poisons.

Our relationship with our patients is a lifelong one, providing necessary patient education in dietary, medical and lifestyle issues starting prior to dialysis, through dialysis and for many into transplantation.  Our patients enjoy the support of a one-on-one relationship with primary nephrologists within the group practice.

We treat patients for acute or chronic renal diseases separately as well as within the wide spectrum of complex systemic and other internal diseases requiring monitoring and intensive multidisciplinary medical and nursing interventions.

Our Nephrologists are associated with various dialysis centers and major Multi specialty hospitals  across Gujarat. GKF also implements a large scale renal transplant programme with more number of transplants being performed every year. It is predominantly a ‘live donor’ transplant programme along with few cadaver donor transplants.

In addition to medical services, our Nephrologists also strive to provide Continuous Medical Education programs / training for physicians & dialysis technicians and also awareness programs for common people.  GKF is also involved in scientific and research activities like Phase III & IV clinical trials.