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Gujarat Kidney Foundation

Gujarat kidney foundation is a group of 6 nephrologists practicing together with the motto “UNITED WE HEAL”.

GKF is first-of-its-kind private nephrology foundation in India headed by Dr. Pravina Shah. She pioneered the dialysis procedure in Gujarat. GKF team includes Dr. Himanshu Patel, Dr. Jagdeep Shah, Dr. Prakash Darji, Dr. Sonal Dalal, Dr. Devang Patwari and Dr. Haresh Patel. Read More


Mugdha Joshi
I would like to sincerely thank my doctors – Dr. Prakash Darji and Dr. Sonal Dalal who have practically given me a new life & a better future. I have been under these doctors’ supervision since my both kidneys failed in 2004 and they have expertly guided me through all crucial stages – right from timely preparation of fistula, maintenance dialysis for more than 2 years, successful kidney transplant in May 2007 and ongoing post transplant care.

Our Doctors

Dr. Jagdeep Shah
D M, D N B
Dr. Sonal Dalal
M D, D N B
Dr. Ravikumar Bhadania
M D, D M